More research less adoption, why?

In deliberations of the side event chaired by the Acting Executive Director of CCARDESA Dr Simom Mwale during the 4th Global Conference on CSA, the issue of agricultural technology adoption was topical. It was observed that research is producing new technologies at a rate faster than the adoption of these technologies by farmers.  This gave rise to a question of whether there is need to focus on producing new technologies or disseminating existing technologies.  A presentation by Thomas Fellmann hinted on some of the key reasons which might be causes for low technology adoption. He said farmers do not adopt new technologies if:

  • necessary capital investment for adoption is high,
  • adoptions means great adjustments in farm management styles,
  • new technologies not simple and flexible.

A presentation by Chisango Kufula concluded that there is need to strengthen linkages that exist between research extension and farmers for smooth flow of information. This came upon realizing that sometimes researchers and extension relay conflicting messages to farmers thereby leading to less adoption.


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