Soyabean products generate income for smallholder famers in Mozambique: the story of Mrs Isaltina Aly Trigo

Mrs Isaltina Aly Trigo is a smallholder farmer from Malema district in Nampula province of Mozambique. She has been growing soybeans for the past several years. Like many other farmers in the area, she views soybean as a crop with cash potential. The crop produces high yields, and is relatively unaffected by pests commonly found among other staple crops. Although technologies for increased soybean production and productivity, local processing and utilization options have been developed for use by farmers, Mrs Trigo and many other smallholder farmers are not aware of these technological options. This is attributed to among other reasons, inadequate popularization of these technologies. In 2013 the Agricultural Productivity Programme for Southern Africa (APPSA) programme which is being coordinated by CCARDESA began working with Mrs Trigo and other farmers in Nampula province in up-scaling improved soybean processing and utilization technologies so as to improve food and nutrition security as well income generation for the smallholder farmers.

soyabean processing
The project conducted training of trainers on improved soybean production and utilization technologies. The participants included lead farmers and extension agents, and Mrs Trigo is one of the lead farmers who was trained from Malema district.


Since working with the project, Mrs Trigo has been processing her soybeans into milk and bagias. Initially, the soybean milk was just for home consumption while the bagias were for home consumption and for sale. With time, she increased the quantities of her processed products, and started selling both products. Mrs Trigo informed the project staff that now she has started a soybean milk and bagias business, and it is very profitable.


Mrs Trigo was joined by three other ladies in the soybean value addition business in which they now produce flour, cakes, and biscuits. Given their successs, Mrs Trigo and her business associates were invited to display their products at the district agricultural show which took place from 23rd to 24th August 2017, and they were able to sell all their products. Participants from as far afield as Portugal and Holland who attended the event had an opportunity to test the soybean products made by Mrs Trigo.


With APPSA intervention, more people  learnt how to process and utilize soybean at household level. With the new knowledge acquired on appropriate processing and utilization options, household food and nutrition security in Malema district is expected to improve, given that soybean is a source of high and inexpensive protein and combined with cereals, gives a balanced amino acid intake.


As for Mrs Isaltina Trigo, using the recipes that were generated and promoted by APPSA has given her the opportunity to generate more money from her soybean produce. Soybean consumption increased in the community due to the products that she sells to members of the community. She mentioned that the family generates income which enables them to cover basic household needs such as groceries. The soybean milk and bagias business shall continue, and expand with the participation of partners to produce flour, cakes, biscuits and other soybean products which they will learn to make. Mrs Trigo and other farmers in Malema district are happy that APPSA has enabled them to increase household-level soybean processing and utilization for better nutrition and health.


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For more about the success story please contact Luisa Penicella, the Investigator for the project at IIAM or Fidel Naite at SDAE- Malema (

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