The rising need for sharing knowledge in the region

CCARDESA through support of GIZ is improving knowledge management approaches and systems as well as ways to assess and understand their influence and impact within the SADC region. CCARDESA is developing Climate Smart Agriculture Knowledge Products (KPs) on specific value chains. These are intended to address the CSA pillars of increased production, adaptation and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions where possible. Once developed, the KPS will be effective tools in the region to shape the way business and governments make decisions and improve the quality and effectiveness of those decisions for increased production and development in Southern Africa. The KPs shall be shared through the regional Knowledge hub.


Knowledge products are the tangible outputs of the knowledge flows across and through which knowledge is generated and mobilized, modelled, deposited and systematized, distributed, used, evaluated and transformed. CCARDESA is going to develop pamphlets, flyers, manuals, brochures, policy briefs and other interactive media on CSA. The focus of CCARDESA on KPs augurs well with policies of development banks like the Africa Development Bank (ADB) which recognize the demand for more than financial support but also for KPs. The ADB has taken some steps, strategically and organizationally, to address this growing demand with efforts being made to improve aspects of the enabling environment for knowledge management (KM) including improvements in information technology systems and websites.


Agricultural growth is not even within and across countries and so is the knowledge gap. With climate change, the future seems to be increasingly uncertain as more diverse strategies are being generated in different countries to respond to the effects of climate change. It would be more beneficial if member states put in place policies and procedures of sharing such knowledge. CCARDESA strives to facilitate regional knowledge sharing to ensure development of more innovative agricultural research,  enable informed extension services and adoption of productive technologies by farmers. However, the main challenge is that some organizations and individuals are still not comfortable with sharing information across countries.


This article is by Nathaniel Mtunji. Nathaniel Mtunji is the Senior Programme Advisor for the SADC Adaptation to Climate Change in Rural Areas for Southern Africa (ACCRA) which is being implemented by CCARDESA in partnership with GIZ with finance from the German Government (BMZ)

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