Tackling Climate Change in Agriculture: Approaches to Adaptation and Climate Smart Agriculture in the SADC Region, 18 – 22 September 2017 Ongwediva, Namibia

CCARDESA organised a training in September 2017 in Ongwediva, Namibia. (Read The Blog, Read The proceedings report). This training was based on the CCARDESA Training Package which is being rolled out in the SADC region. The objectives of the training were to train participants on the Climate Proofing (CP) approach with a focus on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA), to enable them to apply these concepts in their individual working contexts, getting to know concepts of climate change adaptation and climate smart agriculture for agricultural extension services,  and to use feedback and lessons to further improve the training for future application in the region. Following is the agenda of the training and the presentations.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

•Welcome and Opening


•Climate Change Elements of the SADC Regional Agricultural Policy

•Climate Change Policies in Namibia

•Case study, Module A: Assessing the risk – part 1 current situation

•Module A: Presentation of results

•Group feedback on Module A

•Dimensions of adaptation measures

•Recap of excursion

The importance of gender in Climate Smart Agriculture

•Preparation of final presentations – ctd.

•Group results’ presentation

Thematic introduction: Climate change, adaptation, mitigation
Climate Change projections and the importance of climate services for agriculture in SADC

•Action learning: risk functions

•Case study, Module A: Assessing the risk – part 2 future situation

•Case study, Module B: Identifying adaptation options

•Preparation of excursion

•Case study, Module C: Selecting adaptation measures

•Preparation of final presentations

•Elaboration of action plans

•Reflections and conclusions on the Climate Proofing approach

•CSA and livestock

Lunch break
•Exposé: Concept and steps of Climate Proofing Introduction to CSA: technologies, practices and strategies Excursion to SCORE and CUVE Water project sites Prioritizing Climate Smart Agriculture practices with Data

•Conservation agriculture: farmer adoption of new practices and technologies: evidence and lessons learnt

•Information, Communication and Knowledge Management of CCARDESA

•Evaluation of training



Agriculture: victim and culprit of CC and adaptation options, CSA

•Presentation of three case studies, composition of working groups

Water management and soil conservation


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