Tackling Climate Change in Agriculture: Approaches to climate change adaptation and climate smart agriculture in SADC

This training package “Tackling Climate Change in Agriculture: Approaches to climate change adaptation and climate smart agriculture in SADC” aims to provide an overview of the challenges climate change poses for agriculture in the SADC region, as well as elaborating on the relevant concepts of adaptation, mitigation, vulnerability, climate smart agriculture and others. It provides technical detail, practical examples and good practices, and equips participants with the hands-on knowledge and expertise of climate proofing agricultural value chains or systems. The interactive training aims to bring together participants from different contexts to facilitate knowledge exchange and learning amongst peers. The training package is geared towards national and sub-national extension decision makers, multiplicators and practitioners, as well as technical staff in the Ministries of Agriculture or other organisations in the SADC Region. After the training, participants will be familiar with concepts of climate change adaptation, climate smart agriculture and climate proofing, and will be capable to apply such concepts in their individual work contexts.

This training package was developed based on existing GIZ tools: 1. the GIZ Training Modules on Sustainable Agriculture (MOSA), and 2. GIZ Training on Tackling Climate Change in Agriculture, including the Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Co-operation Climate Proofing Tool which was initially developed by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and GIZ in 2009.

The Training Package includes presentation modules and hands on group-work as well as excursions. For a comprehensive overview of the Training Package please download The Reader. The most recent trainings are documented HERE.



The modules have been designed so that they can be used independently and flexibly. Thus, the training package can be adopted, adapted, mixed and matched, and expanded in order to meet the specific training needs at hand.



As part of the package is a Climate Proofing Tool for CSA. The climate proofing tool expands the existing OECD/GIZ tool towards a stronger CSA focus, as well as more emphasis on knowledge co-generation with respect to the specific case study at hand. The tools consists of a series of steps that are being implemented by the training participants in groups, focusing on particular case studies or systems of interest.  These steps include: 1. Assessing the current and future climate risks,  2. Identifying adaptation options (CSA) and, 3. Prioritizing and selecting adaptation measures.



Excursions are an integral part of the training module. Learning and knowledge sharing greatly benefits from excursions and the visualization of existing experience, good practices and lessons on the ground.  Learning goals should be formulated and information about the excursion provided in advance.



The ACCRA programme, CCARDESA and GIZ, are keen to support the roll-out of the training package in SADC member states as far as possible, in order to support the strengthening of regional capacities and skills for climate change adaptation in agriculture and climate-smart agriculture. If you are interested in rolling out the training package please contact us.


The Technical Modules

Included are pdf files, please contact us for power point versions of the modules. Email: wiebke.foerch@giz.de

01 Climate Change Elements of the SADC Regional Agricultural Policy (RAP) download
02 Climate Change and Agriculture: SADC Regional Context download
03 Thematic introduction: climate (change), adaptation and mitigation download
04 Climate Change projections and impacts in SADC and importance of climate services for agriculture download
05 Agriculture: victim, culprit and potentials for adaptation and mitigation download
06 Climate-Smart Agriculture: Over  view download
07 Conservation agriculture: farmer adoption of new practices and technologies: evidence and lessons learnt download
08 Livestock in Smallholder Adaptation and CSA download
09 Water Management and Soil Conservation download
10 Gender and Climate Smart Agriculture download
11 Post-harvest Management download
12 Closing the Gap between Science and Policy for Climate-Smart Agriculture download

N.B. Additional modules are constantly added to this training package.


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